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Traditional fillings which are comprised of a strong and durable mercury alloy has been used for over a hundred years in dentistry history. However, there are many disadvantages associated with the alloy, which is why we at Doral Sedation & Family Dentistry provide mercury-free filling options.

What are the disadvantages of mercury alloy fillings?

They range from health to environmental issues:

  • When chewing, the amalgam filling oozes out mercury vapor which can cause harmful effects on the immune, digestive, and nervous system,
  • The amalgam is also an environmental hazard and has been banned by environmentally conscious countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark,
  • The temperature changes can cause the amalgam to expand and retract within the mouth, which exposes your natural tooth to the risk of cracking,
  • The amalgam isn’t completely sealed, but packed into the tooth, which leaves bacteria underneath to continue the process of decay.

Finally, the dark metallic color of the filling simply isn’t appealing to the eye and overall natural coloration of the mouth. The natural tooth enamel even becomes stained by a grey halo.

What is the alternative?

A close up photo of a dentist applying amalgam free fillingYoung children and pregnant women, in particular, are most susceptible to health risks associated with amalgam fillings. We offer a different approach, one where we remove the existing amalgam fillings and replace them with an aesthetically pleasing and 100% safe alternative.

For instance, our porcelain and composite resin fillings will free your teeth of any traces of mercury and they do not expand or contract in the mouth during temperature changes. The technique we utilize completely seals the void caused by dental decay and protects the tooth from further damage.

Another advantage to the porcelain and composite resin restorations is that they can be colored to seamlessly match the natural color of your tooth, leaving the difference unnoticeable.

How to know which filling ingredients suit you?Young woman portrait visiting the dentist and smiling. My smile is perfect! Portrait of happy patient in dental chair.

If you are concerned about the ingredients of the dental material which will replace your mercury fillings, feel free to speak with us so we can discuss all possible options. For best results, we suggest you take a biocompatibility test, where your blood sample is sent to the laboratory to evaluate the presence of antibodies to the chemical ingredients used in dental products. Once analyzed, you will be provided with a list of materials which are safe for you and which could cause a reaction.

You can also take an LTT (Lymphocyte Transformation Test) test to find out if you have any dental allergies. The newest version will test your sensitivity to metals, including mercury.

In addition to considering the material of which your new dental fillings will be made, it is also essential to be familiar with the safety measures of removing mercury fillings. We have refurbished our practice and technology to help improve the experience of our patients, so feel free to contact us either via phone or website to schedule your appointment and learn about all possible amalgam-free fillings options.