Cada uno de nosotros ha tenido la oportunidad de encontrarse con el problema causado por el mal aliento, que también es conocido como la halitosis. Se trata del olor bastante desagradable que se extiende por la cavidad bucal y no debería ser descuidado, ya que puede representar el síntoma de algunas enfermedades más graves. Por […]

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Braces, once cause for serious playground taunting, are becoming an even more common feature of life in America. Approximately 4 million people in the United States of America now wear braces and they are often seen in the mouths of adults, not just children. So, that raises the question, ‘When is the best time to […]

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As we age, our teeth are subject to wear and tear from regular use, gradually weakening the enamel over time. This process can be speeded up by poor dental hygiene or bad diet, leading to greater enamel loss and associated problems. Dental Enamel Problem Signs: Sensitive teeth If the enamel on your teeth has been […]

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