El esmalte dental es la envoltura externa del diente, compuesto por cristales minerales que con el tiempo se pierden en el proceso de desmineralización. Esto ocurre cuando las bacterias que se encuentran en la placa dental destruyen el esmalte dental. Durante este proceso, los minerales en la saliva, como, por ejemplo, el flúor dental, el […]

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An optimal intake of nutrients is necessary for good health. Vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients are driving many functions that keep us going. Teeth and gums are no different than other parts of our body as they also require sustenance. Maintaining a balanced diet, rich in these substances, improves our oral health. Why take vitamin […]

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Our doctors at Doral Sedation & Family Dentistry will gladly help with all questions and queries regarding dental health. One of the concerns patients often raise is that their gums bleed when flossing. It might not sound as troubling as tooth decay, but the condition of our gums is vital in keeping your oral hygiene […]

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