What Are Dental Inlays and Onlays?

Preserving teeth is a constant task for everyone: brushing, flossing, avoiding food that can cause damage to the teeth and visiting your dentist are vital aspects of this process. However, despite the attention we give to our oral hygiene, teeth often [...]

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Salud Bucodental Durante El Invierno

Durante el invierno nuestros dientes son más sensibles que durante el resto del año, tanto por bajas temperaturas, como por los días festivos. Por eso, su cavidad bucal requiere un cuidado adicional y hay que prestarle una atención especial para preservar [...]

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What to Do About Loose Braces?

If you are sporting braces, chances are you’ve encountered at least some of the problems with loose wires or brackets. Although wires are meant to be adjusted over time and braces allow certain flexibility, you should monitor the situation and watch [...]

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