What is Dental Scaling?

Dental scaling is a routine procedure that is used to help those with an excessive plaque or gum disease. It is a form of cleaning that goes much deeper than regular cleaning. It can be an uncomfortable procedure, so if your dentist has [...]

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What are Dentures?

Most people think dental dentures are false teeth, but they're not! Dentures actually refer to the plate that fits into your mouth and that the false teeth are attached to. But for the purposes of this blog, we'll accept the common [...]

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Todo Lo Que Debería Saber Sobre Invisalign

El posicionamiento de dientes adecuado y una mordida armoniosa, junto con la técnica correcta de cepillado de dientes, representan los requisitos más importantes para una sonrisa perfecta y la longevidad de sus dientes. La pérdida de tan solo un diente puede [...]

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4 Different Types of Braces for Teeth

In the past, braces could easily have been mistaken for some sort of horrendous medieval torture device. And the poor kids who had to wear them deserved equal measures of sympathy and teasing. A lot of people still have crooked teeth [...]

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What Is the Best Age for Braces?

Braces, once cause for serious playground taunting, are becoming an even more common feature of life in America. Approximately 4 million people in the United States of America now wear braces and they are often seen in the mouths of adults, [...]

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