Nobody really enjoys going to the dentist. So, if you’ve just been told that you have to undergo a dental crown procedure that will require multiple visits over several months, nobody could blame you for feeling a little bit nervous. Well, don’t worry. Getting a crown does involve repeated visits to the dentist, but most […]

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You’ve finally had that troublesome tooth removed, but now you’re left with a gap in your smile. Should you hide it with a bridge or a dental implant? You know an implant will last longer but while your dentist is explaining the tooth implant process, all you can think about is tooth implant pain. It’s […]

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As we age, our teeth are subject to wear and tear from regular use, gradually weakening the enamel over time. This process can be speeded up by poor dental hygiene or bad diet, leading to greater enamel loss and associated problems. Dental Enamel Problem Signs: Sensitive teeth If the enamel on your teeth has been […]

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What is the LAVA all-ceramic system? LAVA crowns are special because they are made up of a very special material LAVA zirconia produced by the reputed 3M. This is a porcelain material and its special composition is the key to the special properties possessed by crowns made of LAVA zirconia. It is very translucent like […]

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