The specialty field of cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular over the past few decades as more and more individuals, all around the world, view the appearance of their smile worth spending large amounts of money on. Unlike regular dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of the teeth and smile dealing with everything from color, position, shape, size and alignment. It is apparently human nature to want to push the envelope with fashion and start new trends for self-expression and teeth are no exception. Here are some of the top emerging tooth fashion trends that seem to be gaining popularity all around the world.

Top 10 Teeth Fashion Trends

  1. American Teeth”- perhaps the most popular trend that has emerged in recent years is teeth whitening. Popular with movie and TV stars in America, this trend has been called “American Teeth” by people in other parts of the world. Various home whitening kits are available to buy, or if you want to see real results, dentists can provide light-accelerated bleaching for the Hollywood results.
  2. Grills– popularized by the American hip-hop/rap culture in the 80’s, grills are gold, silver, or even platinum veneer that is fitted over the front teeth. These veneers can be inlaid with precious stones and diamonds if the wearer wants to be even flashier. They can be removed easily, and the real teeth remain underneath.
  3. Faux Braces– a trend that has emerged from Southeast Asia and China, fake braces have been gaining popularity. Usually seen as a symbol of wealth and status, kids are now getting braces just for fashion that serve no orthodontic purpose at all. Due to their nature of being fake, they usually are attached poorly and can create potential health hazards.
  4. Casted Teeth for Jewelry– some parents love to memorialize every milestone in their children’s’ lives. Maybe you have heard of casting a baby’s first shoe in bronze or other metal to preserve it, well now some parents are casting their children’s teeth in silver or gold and turning them into jewelry. Some view it as a heartfelt token of always having their child with them.
  5. Vampire Teeth– thanks to the recent craze of werewolves and vampires, Japan has seen an increase in patients asking for special veneers to fit over their bicuspids (canine teeth) to give them vampire teeth. Apparently, everyone wants to be on Team Edward.
  6. Black Teeth– some cultures, mainly in Asia, practiced the art of teeth blackening as a symbol of beauty. Quite the opposite of people spending money to make their teeth white and bright, but some cultures still practice this today. Songs and poems can be found that praised the loveliness of shiny black teeth.
  7. The Gap– a gap in the front teeth was once seen as a need to begin orthodontics, but now that some pretty high profile celebrities embrace the tooth gap, casting directors and models scouts say it adds a touch of character to the smile. In Europe, procedures to alter the teeth to include a tooth gap are becoming very popular.
  8. “Yaeba” Teeth– Japan seems to be leading the way in popular dental trends and “yaeba” teeth are truly unique. Women in Japan are having full sets of veneers made to give them a smile full of misaligned teeth.
  9. Tattoos– done as an enamel overlay, artists can create endless possibilities of designs. The most popular tooth tattoos are portraits of Price William and Kate, British Royalty.
  10. Bedazzled– similar but less flashy than the grills, gems and stones can be added to any smile for a small flash of sparkle. They can either be drilled in for a permanent look or attached using dental grade adhesive.

Caution– Always consult with a medical professional before receiving any dental altering procedure.

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