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Doral Sedation Family Dentistry provides all of the services essential to keeping you and your family in tip-top oral health. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning or need surgical work like a bone graft, we will set you up with a Doral dentist and team that are qualified to treat you and who can make sure you understand every step of the procedure under which you are going.

Doral Sedation provides cosmetic, preventive, restorative, surgical and therapeutic care. See below for a full list of our offerings.

Doral Dental Services:

  • Cosmetic
    • 6-month smile
    • Botox
    • Invisalign
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Zoom whitening
  • Preventive
    • Deep cleaning
    • Dental Prophylaxis
    • Hygiene services
    • I-CAT 3D dental imaging
    • Non-surgical gum therapy
    • Periodontal maintenance
  • Restorative
    • Amalgam-free fillings
    • Bonded fillings
    • Composite filling
    • Crowns and bridges
    • Dental dentures
    • Full mouth restoration
    • LAVA Zirconia Crowns
    • Precision attachment partials
    • Root canal treatment
    • White fillings
  • Surgical
    • Bone graft surgery
    • Dental implants
    • Dental membrane
    • Hybrid dentures
    • LANAP – laser gum treatment
    • Overdentures
    • Replacement teeth
    • Sinus lift surgery
    • Teeth extractions
  • Therapeutic
    • Custom mouth guards
    • Emergency dentistry
    • Family dentist
    • Migraine prevention
    • TMJ therapy

Every element of oral hygiene is equally important, from keeping your teeth clean to getting fillings; from whitening your teeth for increased self-esteem to replacing teeth to regain your winning smile. You deserve to put your best foot forward every day, and to do so with a smile you are proud to share. Allow yourself to see a top dentist in Doral for all of your dental services. Come into our practice to get started!

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