Cuando hablamos de limpieza dental podemos estar abarcando distintas etapas de la misma. Una de ellas es la que llevamos a cabo regularmente, dónde se recomienda una limpieza profunda al menos tres veces al día, luego de cada ingesta de comida, gaseosas o golosinas que dejan restos que necesitan ser barridos, y que de no […]

Going to the dentist is a vitally important preventative healthcare habit that you should make a routine of. By getting your teeth and mouth checked out and cleaned on a regular basis can not only prevent a large number of oral health issues but can also catch and stop any developing issues early on. However […]

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Nuestra rutina diaria de limpieza bucal consiste en varios pasos, entre ellos, se ha establecido como una muy común costumbre el uso del enjuague bucal. Sin embargo, la información que tienen las personas, por lo general, sobre cuál es el más adecuado o cómo debe utilizarse no está realmente clara. El enjuague bucal puede encontrarse […]

Depending on age, health, and experiences that might have led to injury, teeth often require care more significant than increased oral hygiene. Sometimes broken or damaged teeth are remedied with removable devices such as dentures. Other times, the dentist will place permanent fixtures on the existing teeth to bring a smile to its fullest potential. […]

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With so many fun things to do in Doral, we suggest planning the to-do list early on this year! Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Miami kids attractions. See which you’ve been to with the family before, which could use a revisit, and maybe, which you haven’t made it to at all. Here are […]

Having a smile that you can be proud of can evoke an unwavering sense of confidence that can have a huge impact on your life. If you are confident in your smile, you will be able to engage, communicate and convey that confidence into every aspect of your life. Getting that picture perfect smile is […]

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Image of woman with TMJ.

When you hear that little popping in your jaw, you know you are in for a battle with pain. Sometimes, the popping is completely harmless. But other times, it might be indicating a more serious and chronic problem: TMJ. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is more commonly referred to as TMJ. It is an awful condition that […]

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Lo que antes parecía cosa de niños, de a poco fue volviéndose una cuestión normal entre adultos. La ortodoncia, que hace unos años era impensada en mayores de 30, 40 años, incluso de veinteañeros, hoy parece haber cambiado su destino. Tanto por cuestiones de salud bucal como de estética, la ortodoncia ha pasado a un […]

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