Halitosis ¿Se puede evitar y curar?

La halitosis o mal aliento es un problema muy importante para aquellas personas que lo sufren, ya que conlleva desde cierto rechazo social hasta el posible diagnóstico de una enfermedad aún más compleja. La persona que sufre halitosis no detecta este [...]

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Must-See Miami Holiday Events

Christmas time is one of the best seasons of the year. From all the lights to the joyful spirits, Christmas just seems to put everyone in a much better mood. Throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas, Miami and the surrounding [...]

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Crazy Tooth Fashion Trends

The specialty field of cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular over the past few decades as more and more individuals, all around the world, view the appearance of their smile worth spending large amounts of money on. Unlike regular dentistry, cosmetic [...]

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How Did Invisalign Come to Be?

Someone’s smile is perhaps the aspect of a person that most individuals notice first. Whether it is a job interview or a first date with a stranger, a person’s smile can reveal a lot about someone during a first impression. With [...]

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