While dental prophylaxis sounds like a scary and painful procedure, if you have been to the dentist you have already undergone this treatment. Prophylaxis means to take an action to prevent disease and your dentist and dental hygienist does that every time you come in for a routine cleaning or deep cleaning. A deep cleaning […]

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La higiene ha sido siempre una aliada indiscutida de la buena salud. Por eso, es imprescindible e importante mantener una rutina de limpieza de nuestros dientes que nos asegure eliminar todos los residuos posibles. Esto nos evitará problemas en nuestras encías, prevendremos las caries, el mal aliento y cuidaremos el buen aspecto de nuestra dentadura. […]

We’re very excited to officially announce that we have opened our new Dental Practice here in Doral. While making our first mark in Coral Gables, it’s an honor to see the demand for our services growing, and we’ve risen to the challenge. Our new office in Doral, Miami offers excellent dental services, with the option […]

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