mouthguardsDoral dental clinic also offers custom mouthguards. Since contact sports involve a lot more intensity, there is a greater chance of getting injured. Impact mouthguards are there to protect your teeth. They are a perfect solution for athletes who do not like risking on field, nor on health. Protective mouthguards can be your mouth’s best defense when you are on the field.

The benefits of mouthguards range from protecting teeth from potential damage to enhancing an individual’s performance by providing an assurance that your mouth will be safe. Athletic mouthwear or mouthguards can be customized by your dentist according to your teeth structure so that you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Further customization options may include the color and design of the guard. These mouthguards are lightweight and do not interfere with your speech and breathing.

Over 5 million teeth are knocked out every year and the cost to replace one tooth is around $20,000 in the entire lifetime. Prevent this from happening to you. If you are involved in contact sports, then getting a custom mouthguard is even a way to save money, not just your smile.