dental-implantsWhat is a dental implant? To answer the question, we need to examine the structure of a tooth. Every tooth in your mouth has two parts – one visible and one hidden. The visible part is the crown, the white enamel-covered block which you commonly call your tooth. The second part is the root. It’s covered with cementum. As with the crown, dentin (the substance between enamel or cementum and the pulp chamber) composes most of the root, which normally has pulp canals. A tooth can have multiple roots or just one root.

A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. It is essentially a free-standing ‘tooth root’ made from the exceptionally strong, lightweight, non-corrosive, and biologically inert metal. Sometimes it’s even used to support a bridge. Doral dental professionals advise dental implants if the patient experienced an injury or lost teeth due to a periodontal disease.

The root replacement is usually made of titanium. Once it is placed inside the empty gap (where the previous tooth fell out or it was removed) it allows the crown to be placed on the implant. The end result is a tooth that’s identical to a natural one. The dental procedure involved in inserting dental implants is fairly simple. The gum tissue or residual tooth socket is cleared of the old failing, unstable or broken down tooth root. Then, the titanium dental implant is inserted by a dental surgeon into a surgically prepared socket in the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. Over the next few months, it will “fuse” or biologically bond with the underlying bone tissue. Once osseointegration has successfully taken place, a prosthodontist affixes the permanent tooth crown or a final bridge onto the dental implant. This component is crafted from extremely durable ceramics and materials so that it is able to function like a natural healthy tooth or teeth while eating, speaking and smiling! The placement of dental implants not only leaves you with a fully restored and functional bite, but stunning oral aesthetics that will make you smile again!

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