denturesDental dentures are false teeth made of plastic, nylon or metal. They are placed over the gums and eliminate any potential problems you might have due to gaps.

Getting dentures is a big decision. This is why you should opt for the best Doral dentist. Typically, we do what we can to preserve all natural growth in the mouth. So, you will go through a thorough examination and talk to our Doral dental experts to determine if you need dental dentures because they are seen as a last resort. The procedure involves removing all remaining teeth to make space for the new set that will be custom made for your mouth, according to your preferences. Since all teeth must be removed, dentures take a serious commitment. Remember, a new, lifelong smile is coming with this procedure.

When it comes to the procedure itself, you won’t feel a thing. Our dental clinic specializes in sedation dentistry and our specialists will, along with cozy environment, make you feel very comfortable.