Dental Conditions and Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Feb 10, 2017
Dental Conditions and Treatments You Should Be Aware Of
Everybody gets a sweet tooth every now and then, but not a lot of people deal with repercussions of frequent sugar coating properly until it’s too late and a visit to the dentist is no longer avoidable.

Everybody gets a sweet tooth every now and then, but not a lot of people deal with repercussions of frequent sugar coating properly until it’s too late and a visit to the dentist is no longer avoidable. Teeth are a living part of our body just like any other. They have nerves, tissues, they age and need to be taken care of thoroughly. They chew, bite, grind, and create pressure every day of our lives, so in order for them to stay strong, healthy, and useful, a dental care routine needs to be established, otherwise, you might have to face conditions such as…

Tooth Decay

A common condition also referred to as cavities or dental caries, which occurs when enough time is given for bacteria to settle in tooth plaques. Bacteria slowly eats away the tooth enamel by producing hole-drilling acid. Sugars and starches are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and children, as well as the elderly, are more prone to risk since their enamel is more vulnerable. The best way to deal with tooth decay is prevention, of course, but once cavities have set in, the only solution is to patch things up with fillings.

Gum Disease

This bacterial infection, medically referred to as Periodontitis, eats away the gum tissues and ligaments that steadily hold your teeth in place. This dental condition has five stages, and there is plenty of time to reverse its effects. The first two stages only require a good dental care routine, but the third and fourth phase may prove to be harder to treat and require a bit of patience. If by any chance, your gums start to bleed, that is an unmistakable sign that you need to consult your dentist immediately and apply antibiotics.

Root Infection

If you have an unrepaired fracture or cavity on your tooth, the root can also get filled up with bacteria, which damage nerves and the inner pulp tissue. Severe cases of infection cause painful abscesses in the form of sore facial swellings, but this happens only if the infection had enough time develop. The only solution for this oral condition is a complex and lengthy root canal treatment. It may have a reputation as being a painful procedure, but in truth, very little pain is felt due to the use of anesthetics.

Degradation of Enamel

White wine, soft fizzy drinks, and sweets can really corrode your teeth, which become discolored, stained, and more susceptible to erosion, if not treated properly and on time. Some of best dentists in Doral recommend that: “Besides regularly washing your teeth, cheese is also good for quickly neutralizing acidic matter on teeth, since it induces more saliva production and envelopes teeth with a protective alkaline layer.” However, if you do not deal with these hazards on time, your enamel will wear away to the point where even brushing your teeth can cause significant damage. In such cases, you will need a softer toothbrush, special toothpaste, and maybe even bonding support for the time being if teeth are severely damaged.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is caused by lack of saliva in the mouth, which robs your teeth and gums of necessary moisture and lubrication. The antibacterial properties of saliva are essential to oral health, so if you are on any kind of prescription medication or drugs, it is best that you stop taking them in order to repress these negative side-effects. If the dryness persists, expect a development of decay, cavities, and uncomfortable and parched sensations even while drinking water.


The best prevention is remaining vigilant and maintaining a practical attitude towards oral hygiene. Dentists may be able to name every bone and tissue on your jaw and help make the pain go away, but you are the one who is solely responsible for keeping your teeth and body healthy. Bad breath, furry tongue, dry mouth, weakened enamel – these are just some of the problems which occur when you skip your dates with your toothbrush. If you don’t want to end up with a toothless smile, just keep brushing!