What are Lava Crowns and Bridges?

Oct 11, 2016
What are Lava Crowns and Bridges?
Lava crowns and bridges are commonly used in tooth restoration. But you are likely more familiar with these two names than you are with what it is they do in the mouth. So let’s jump right into it-

Lava crowns and bridges are commonly used in tooth restoration. But you are likely more familiar with these two names than you are with what it is they do in the mouth. So let’s jump right into it-

What are lava crowns?

A lava crown is a tooth overlay that seals and restores an affected tooth. Lava uses zirconia and a feldspathic overlay porcelain. The elements make a combination that are long lasting and can be dyed before being place on the tooth. This allows the patient to have matching teeth, not one or two of distinctly different shades. The overlays can also be translucent, allow the natural tooth color to shine through.

Lava restorations do not require adhesive cementation, which is a huge advancement in the dental world. The lava crowns are able to stay in place without permanently altering the surface and composition of the tooth.

The ceramic used is an inorganic and non-metallic material, which allows for a number of surgical and aesthetic benefits. In dentistry, three types of ceramics are most commonly used. Usually, they are made almost entirely of glass which allows that perfect aesthetic quality of veneers.

The type of material used in the restoration is so important because it must be able to adjust with the natural shifting of each patient’s oral environment. Being able to withstand bacteria, natural change in color and tooth and gum tissue composition makes the crowned tooth more like a real tooth. The right material also fosters a large stage of stability. Stability makes a huge difference in how long the patient can comfortably wear the crown or bridge. It reduces the required maintenance and need to come in for check-ups. Cracks are less common and corrosion is likely to occur with new technology.

Lava Zirconia Crown

The new Lava System 3M ESPE uses lava zirconia to increase the strength, stability and aesthetics of the material. The crowns can now be used for both anterior and posterior regions. The zirconia prevents damage in the micro-structure of the material which helps make the structures more durable and longer lasting. This makes it easier to care for crowns and bridges over time and better predict and implement preservation habits.

Zirconia boasts a significant level of bio-compatibility, which makes it ideal for surgical implants. This significantly minimizes the potential for allergic reactions and solubility. The small chance of any tissue irritation is ideal in any surgical procedure. There is a low level of heat transfer compared to metals used in the past, and this considerably enhances comfort of the patient after the procedure and as they carry on their lives.

Zirconia is also well respected for its great ability to withstand materials in the mouth. It is higher than all other all-ceramic materials, which is why is the first choice in almost all restoration procedure. Stories of cracking a cap or losing a crown are no longer tales told in the dental world. Instead, crowns, bridges and veneers are simply placed to permanently and effectively remedy a compromised tooth.

Whether you are planning to restore your teeth with crowns, bridges or veneers, know that you are in good hands. Technology has continued to escalate so much, that science is alas bound with our desired aesthetic results. All procedures create natural looks that are easy to maintain. When you are ready to learn more about getting lava crowns or bridgesschedule a consultation with Doral Miami. We can walk you through all of the steps, what to expect as an outcome and how exactly this procedure works for your mouth and current oral health.