white-fillings-and-bonded-fillingsDoral dental clinic offers bonded fillings. They are used to restore the surface of teeth and protect them from the cavity. First, the dentist will remove any existing decay. Then, the tooth is reshaped and prepared for the filling. Depending on the type of the filling, different shaping procedure is employed. Bonded fillings are bonded with the tooth enamel with resins that last for a long period of time. The fillings are more stable and allow your dentist to modify your tooth and achieve a natural look.

This dental procedure requires a single visit to the dental clinic. To ensure that the bonded filling stays firmly in place, any old or decayed filling is removed from the tooth and an adhesive is applied after cleaning.

You can also ask you Doral dental expert to use white fillings. The biggest advantage of white fillings remains the subtle and clean look they can provide, which is a relief for people who do not want silver or gold fillings.