The holiday season is here. Regardless of what you celebrate, the food, drinks, and desserts are plentiful. This time of year, it is more important than ever to be mindful of your teeth and continue a healthy regimen.

Here are some tips for healthy teeth this holiday season.

  1. Try to avoid soda. The numerous parties are overflowing with drinks and sodas but to maintain your dental health, avoid the acid in these drinks. Use a straw if it is unavoidable.
  2. Be cautious of hard candies. Accidentally cracking teeth on peppermints and candy canes is more common than you may think so it is best to let them dissolve.
  3. Red wine can stain. As always, red wine can stain teeth but if you drink it, just be sure to brush following the meal. Also, consuming food with red wine helps minimize the staining.
  4. Overload on turkey. Rich in phosphorus and protein, turkey provides your body with the nutrients to help fight off tooth decay and promote a healthy smile.
  5. Up your veggie intake. Try to walk past the dessert table and head for the veggies. Vitamin A is found in many vegetables and strengthens your enamel.
  6. Consume more fruit. Steer clear of the sugary desserts this holiday and instead try fruit.
  7. Cheese is good. If you are drinking during the holiday season, the pH balancing qualities of cheese will neutralize the alcohol’s acid. Also, the calcium in cheese is beneficial to dental health.
  8. Refrain from grazing. Although it is easier said than done, try to limit the overeating caused by holidays being filled with food. Grazing throughout the day can increase the risk of tooth decay.

With these helpful holiday dental tips, you will make it through the season with your smile intact. Teeth care tips at home are only part of having a healthy mouth. For all your dental needs, from children check-ups to root canals, contact Doral Sedation Dentistry today. Our expert staff caters to all forms of dental needs and will make your smile shine.