Whether local anesthesia or full sedation is used, wisdom teeth removal is something to prepare for. Like all oral surgeries, precautions must be taken and during the recovery time. It is important to follow the pre and post-surgery instructions your dentist gives you.

Keep these following suggestions in mind if wisdom teeth removal is in your future:

1. Don’t Go Alone

Bring a friend or family member. This isn’t necessarily for motivational support but for leaving the office and having someone drive you home. Anesthesia, both local and general, affect people in different ways and safety is the most important part. Although the effects generally wear off in a few hours, have someone drive you home following the surgery. IV sedation for wisdom teeth is common for multiple teeth and this will leave you in a groggy daze.

2. Fight the Swelling

Following the procedure, swelling will occur. The peak inflammation is usually 24 hours after but this can vary. Keep your head elevated with a cold compress to combat the swelling and push fluids away from your head.

3. Sleep

The pain medications you will likely take following the surgery can be powerful and it is a great time to rest. Speed up the healing process by resting well.

4. Soft Food

Before visiting your dentist, pick up soft foods. Items such as applesauce or soup will not aggravate the sensitive area and allow the healing to occur without interruption.

5. Don’t Brush

Do not brush your teeth or even rinse and spit the first day your wisdom teeth have been removed. These actions can hurt the wound and even tear the stitches. If necessary, wipe your mouth out with a damp cloth (avoiding the stitches) or use gauze to absorb blood.

With these tips to both prepare and recover from wisdom teeth removal, the process will go smoothly. Above all, listen to your doctor recommendations and following specific instructions for recovery and/or medication. Contact Doral Sedation & Family Dentistry today to find out more about the process, schedule an appointment and begin the steps toward a pain-free mouth.